Baby Candle Favors

Our large assortment of adorable baby shower candle favors. Decorate your baby shower place settings with these charming baby shower candle favors at our low discounted prices.
"Stunning Votive" Candle Holder with Poured Wax Candle RB6794-RB
As low as $0.49
Out of Stock Until: 11/27/2015
Blue ABC blocks frosted votive candle holder 1013-DC
Out of Stock Until: 03/15/2016
Blue bear candle 980-DC
As low as $0.89
Out of Stock Until: 02/10/2016
Adorable baby block design scented candle favors 9453-FC
On Sale $1.49
Limited stock available
"Pink Pillar" Votive Candle RB7739PK-RB
As low as $1.39
"Lifelong Vow" Hot Pink Votive Candles with Holder RB7738HP-RB
As low as $1.39
Item Out of Stock
Blue Sailor Bear 11005-BL-DEB
As low as $1.59
Cute Elephant Blue 11007-BL-DEB
As low as $1.59
Item Out of Stock
Cute Elephant Pink 11007-PK-DEB
As low as $1.59
Cute Giraffe Candle Favor 11014-BR-DEB
As low as $1.59
Cute Pink Baby Owl Candle Favor 11010-PK-DEB
As low as $1.59
Out of Stock Until: 11/30/2015
Pink Sailor Bear 11005-PK-DEB
As low as $1.59
Pink Zerba Candle 11002-PK-deb
As low as $1.59
Cute Flog Prince Candle Favor 11013-GN-DEB
As low as $1.59
Jungle Monkey Boy 11004-BL-DEB
As low as $1.59
Jungle Monkey Girl 11004-PK-DEB
As low as $1.59
Adorable pink owl candles 9461-FC
As low as $1.19
"Pink Brooklyn Jar Candle" RB7756PK-RB
As low as $1.59
"Brooklyn Blue" Jar Candle RB7756BL-RB
As low as $1.59
Item Out of Stock
This Little Piggy Candles 9466-FC
As low as $1.07
Adorable baby pink carriage candles 8223-FC
Limited stock available
Stylish Sailboat Design Favors 7805-FC
As low as $1.69
Noah's Ark Design Candles 9424-FC
As low as $1.41
Animal Design Candle Favors 9470-FC
As low as $1.79
Limited stock available
Unique baby-themed candle favors 5452-FC
As low as $1.99
Out of Stock Until: 12/11/2015
Ladybug shaped wax candles 9467-FC
As low as $1.81
Elegant Frosted Blue Glass Flower Candle Holder 1204-DC
As low as $2.79
Out of Stock Until: 02/20/2016
"Angelic Glow" Candle Holder RB1038-rb
As low as $2.49
Out of Stock Until: 12/12/2015


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