Sweet 16 Decorations

It's all in the presentation, decorations are everything! Create your unique and festive mood with our Sweet 16 party decorations.
White Snowflake Confetti 1755W-SKD
On Sale $.89
Limited stock available
Sweetheart Charms 1006_411-am
Out of Stock Until: 07/12/2014
Package of 16 sweet 16 beverage napkins 509874-AM
Limited stock available
Paris Themed Frames 12023-fc
As low as $2.49
Package of 8 sweet 16 7" plates 549874-AM
Limited stock available
White Butterfly Centerpiece Balloon Weight 06182-pd
Out of Stock/Discontinued
Organza Sash Chair Bows 0106A-fb
On sale $3.99
Limited stock available
Package of 8 sweet 16 9" plates 559874-AM
Limited stock available


Flip Flop Shaped Note Pad Pink Color CO-8103-DC
ON SALE $.89
Pink sweet 16 Tiara 4778P-NS
Pink wedding cake place card favor 1736-DC
ON SALE $.59
3" Crystal Stem Rose Clear 33c-ml
As low as $0.99
Blue wedding cake place card favor 1737-DC
ON SALE $.59
Movie Film Photo Coaster CT5005-ml
As low as $0.99
Ceramic waffle cone ice cream cup CC786_1-ml
As low as $2.39
Sweet 16 keychains 6410-FC
As low as $0.89
Personalized Sweet 16 Candle Tins PER_4705-SWEET16_CANDLES-WP
Balloon Sweet 16 candy bar wrapper 101SN-ACW
As low as $0.59
Personalized Mini Swirl Sweet 16 Lollipops PER_5_892_SWEET16-WP
Weighted 16 centerpiece / balloon weight with stars spray pink and silver 06154-PD
Fairy-tale pumpkin coach trinket boxes 8641-FC
As low as $1.89
Frosted glass candle holder FPG_WED5863s-fc
As low as $0.99
Flip Flop Shaped Note Pad Lavender Color CO-8101-DC
ON SALE $.89

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