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Elegant and sophisticated wedding favors each under 3 dollars a favor. These chic favors are an exciting way to show your wedding guests your appreciation. We have a huge assortment of wedding favors from crystal favors to ice cream scoops and other practical guest favors.

Antique Silver design butterfly bottle Stopper 4344-ML
Out of Stock Until: 03/21/2015
Macaroon style Keychain 12607-fc
As low as $2.29
Spoon rest Olive design A0286-50-ML
As low as $2.39
Spoon rest Pear design A0286-40-ML
As low as $2.39
Spoon rest Red Wine design A0286-60-ML
As low as $2.39
Spoon Rest Tuscan Harvest Design C3240-ML
As low as $2.39
Out of Stock Until: 04/21/2015
Vintage Owl bottle stopper 1959-FC
As low as $2.39
9" Spoon Rest C1679-xy
As low as $2.19
Adorable flip flop design manicure sets 12409-FC
As low as $$2.39
Out of Stock Until: 03/06/2015