20 Personalized Communion Tags and Labels (1.75")

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Pink Cross - GRRELIG-001
Blue Cross - GRRELIG-002
Stained Glass - GRRELIG-003
Pink Angel - GRRELIG-004
Blue Angel - GRRELIG-005
Silver Angel - GRRELIG-006
Pink Doves - GRRELIG-007
Blue Doves - GRRELIG-008
Dove 1 - GRRELIG-009
Fancy Pink - GRRELIG-010
Fancy Blue - GRRELIG-011
Golden - GRRELIG-012
Rainbow - GRRELIG-013
Pastel Rainbow - GRRELIG-014
Ray of Color 1 - GRRELIG-015
Ray of Color 2 - GRRELIG-016
Ray of Color 3 - GRRELIG-017
Ray of Color 4 - GRRELIG-018
Flying Angel - GRRELIG-019
Song Angel - GRRELIG-020
Gold Cross - GRRELIG-021
Praying Hands 1 - GRRELIG-022
Dove 2 - GRRELIG-023
Dove of Peace - GRRELIG-024
Girl Praying - GRRELIG-025
Boy Praying - GRRELIG-026
Heart Rosary - GRRELIG-027
Golden Rays - GRRELIG-028
Cross Glow 1 - GRRELIG-029
Cross Glow 2 - GRRELIG-030
Pink BK - GRRELIG-031
Blue BK - GRRELIG-032
Black BK - GRRELIG-033
God Bless - GRRELIG-034
Rosary - GRRELIG-035
Praying Hands 2 - GRRELIG-036
Pink Candle - GRRELIG-037
Blue Candle - GRRELIG-038
Dove 3 - GRRELIG-039
Pink Blessed - GRRELIG-040
Blue Blessed - GRRELIG-041
Lamb - GRRELIG-042
Banner - GRRELIG-043
Church - GRRELIG-044
Bible - GRRELIG-045
20 circular personalized favor tags or labels.

Tags come with pre-punched hole for a tie. Labels come with adhesive backings. Please specify in special instructions if you want strings for the tags.

Please note, these labels and tags are 1.75" in diameter. We do not limit the number of characters, but keep in mind the more text you add, the smaller the font size will be.

Please allow 3 to 5 days for processing on all personalized orders.

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