7 Personalized Baby Shower Water Bottle Labels

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Pastel Dots - babywater_01-ft
Pink Polka Dots - babywater_02-ft
Blue Polka Dots - babywater_03-ft
Diaper Pins - babywater_04-ft
Cartoon Baby 1 - babywater_05-ft
Pastel Footprints - babywater_06-ft
Pink Footprints - babywater_07-ft
Blue Footprints - babywater_08-ft
Noah's Ark - babywater_09-ft
Baby Carriage - babywater_10-ft
Pink Baby Bottle - babywater_11-ft
Blue Baby Bottle - babywater_12-ft
Stork 1 - babywater_13-ft
Ducks - babywater_14-ft
Teddy Bear 1 - babywater_15-ft
Pink Booties - babywater_16-ft
Blue Booties - babywater_17-ft
Bumble Bee - babywater_18-ft
Teddy Bear 2 - babywater_19-ft
Night Sky - babywater_20-ft
Sheep - babywater_21-ft
Baby - babywater_22-ft
Baby Blocks - babywater_23-ft
Bottle and Rattle - babywater_24-ft
Pink Angel - babywater_25-ft
Blue Angel - babywater_26-ft
Stork 2 - babywater_27-ft
Expecting - babywater_28-ft
Cartoon baby 2 - babywater_29-ft
Cartoon baby 3 - babywater_30-ft
Pink carriage - babywater_31-ft
Blue carriage - babywater_32-ft
Green carriage - babywater_33-ft
Yellow carriage - babywater_34-ft

Personalized water bottle favors make a great gift! Easily personalize any standard .5L (1PT,0.9oz) water bottle with these lovely labels. (Water bottles not included.) Labels are made from durable weatherproof vinyl. These labels are waterproof and ink will not run.

Easy Assembly: Peel the personalized adhesive water bottle label from the sheet, place around water bottle. Presto!

Each sheet comes with 7 labels. Each label measures 8.1875"" x 1.375"". Labels can be used for other items depending on your needs.

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