Personalized Bridal Shower Photo Glass Coasters (set of 2)

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Red flower - framebridal_01-wp
Rainbow background & roses - framebridal_02-wp
Bouqet and heart - framebridal_03-wp
Deep red rose - framebridal_04-wp
Pink Umbrella - framebridal_05-wp
Pink flower - framebridal_06-wp
Yellow daisy - framebridal_07-wp
White daisy - framebridal_08-wp
Tea party - framebridal_09-wp
Ladies purse and shoe - framebridal_10-wp
White Umbrella - framebridal_11-wp
Bride in gown - framebridal_12-wp
Umbrellas - framebridal_13-wp
Pink roses - framebridal_14-wp
Pearls - framebridal_15-wp
White rose - framebridal_16-wp
Umbrella in rain - framebridal_17-wp
Umbrella with roses - framebridal_18-wp
Purple flowers - framebridal_19-wp
Pink flowers - framebridal_20-wp
Floral bouquet - framebridal_21-wp
Umbrella and flowers - framebridal_22-wp
Bouqet bridal - framebridal_23-wp
Lily - framebridal_24-wp
Pink heart - framebridal_25-wp
Lavender heart - framebridal_26-wp
Blue heart - framebridal_27-wp
Silver heart - framebridal_28-wp
Pink hearts - framebridal_29-wp
Purple hearts - framebridal_30-wp
Silver hearts - framebridal_31-wp
Blue hearts - framebridal_32-wp
Pink bride - framebridal_33-wp
Lavender bride - framebridal_34-wp
Blue bride - framebridal_35-wp
Silver bride - framebridal_36-wp
Dress 1 - framebridal_37-wp
Bridal 1 - framebridal_38-wp
Bridal 2 - framebridal_39-wp
Bridal 3 - framebridal_40-wp
Sunny - framebridal_41-wp
Pink land - framebridal_42-wp
Dress 2 - framebridal_43-wp
Dress 3 - framebridal_44-wp
Delight - framebridal_45-wp
Elegant - framebridal_46-wp
Dots - framebridal_47-wp
Pink stripes - framebridal_48-wp
Happy Couple - framebridal_49-wp
Lily - framebridal_50-wp
Fresh Morning - framebridal_51-wp
Amour - framebridal_52-wp
Spring Delight - framebridal_53-wp
Passion - framebridal_54-wp
Flower Border - framebridal_55-wp
Pretty - framebridal_56-wp
Think Pink - framebridal_57-wp
Cherry blossom - framebridal_58-wp
Aqua - framebridal_59-wp
Print - framebridal_60-wp
Pink border - framebridal_61-wp
Pink dreams - framebridal_62-wp
Flower power - framebridal_63-wp
Fresh Meadows - framebridal_64-wp
String of hearts - framebridal_65-wp
Vines 1 - framebridal_66-wp
Vines 2 - framebridal_67-wp
Retro 1 - framebridal_68-wp
Dots - framebridal_69-wp
Reflection - framebridal_70-wp
Weezer - framebridal_71-wp

Item has a 20 piece minimum, for a minimum cost of $23.80

Think of it every time your guests make use of this playfully elegant set of 2 glass photo coasters, they will be pleasantly reminded of your special day. Each photo coaster has a wonderfully dainty design to beautify its elegant appearance. The insert for the photo is ready to be filled with any special picture that is appropriate for your occasion and you guests will be able to insert pictures of their choice after your event. Spacers on the bottom protect furniture as well. This set of 2 glass photo coasters comes complete with a clear presentation box, a personalized label of your choice and ribbon ready to be presented to your guests.Thank you tag, not included.

Adhesive personalized labels DO NOT come assembled to the box. It is 1 label for each set of coasters.

Easy Assembly: Peel the personalized adhesive label from the sheet, place label on front of coaster package. Presto!

Minimum order of 20.

Please note, the labels are 2" x 3". We do not limit the number of characters, but keep in mind the more text you add, the smaller the font size will be.

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