Personalized Wedding Frosted Glass Votive Candles

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Double Hearts Black - votivewed_01-wp
Double Hearts Red - votivewed_02-wp
Love 1 - votivewed_03-wp
Toasting heart - votivewed_04-wp
Toasting hearts - votivewed_05-wp
Heart with rings - votivewed_06-wp
Wedding Rings - votivewed_07-wp
Heart & Flowers - votivewed_08-wp
Bells 1 - votivewed_09-wp
Tropical - votivewed_10-wp
Couple heart 1 - votivewed_11-wp
Couple heart 2 - votivewed_12-wp
Groom with bride - votivewed_13-wp
Bride and groom - votivewed_14-wp
First Dance - votivewed_15-wp
Doves and rings - votivewed_16-wp
Pink hearts - votivewed_17-wp
Lavender hearts - votivewed_18-wp
Blue hearts - votivewed_19-wp
Red hearts - votivewed_20-wp
Cross - votivewed_21-wp
Gold rings - votivewed_22-wp
Heart and doves - votivewed_23-wp
Winter snowflake - votivewed_24-wp
Red roses - votivewed_25-wp
Shamrock - votivewed_26-wp
Autumn leaves - votivewed_27-wp
Hearts - votivewed_28-wp
Monogram - votivewed_29-wp
Horse and carriage - votivewed_30-wp
Red heart - votivewed_31-wp
Fairytale castle - votivewed_32-wp
Love 2 - votivewed_33-wp
Bouquet - votivewed_34-wp
Music notes - votivewed_35-wp
Love 3 - votivewed_36-wp
Bells 2 - votivewed_37-wp
Rose - votivewed_38-wp
Celtic knot - votivewed_39-wp
Heart Arrow - votivewed_40-wp
Cake - votivewed_41-wp
Wings - votivewed_42-wp
Western theme - votivewed_43-wp
Ring hand - votivewed_44-wp
Christmas candle - votivewed_45-wp
Red Rose - votivewed_46-wp
Yellow daisy - votivewed_47-wp
Japanese love symbol - votivewed_48-wp

Item has a 24 piece minimum, for a minimum cost of $28.56

Personalized votive candles will make your event shine! Each favor measures 2.5" tall x 2" in diameter, in a classic shot glass/votive holder shape. Each is made of frosted white glass with a pour white candle inside.

Adhesive personalized labels and candles DO NOT come assembled.

Easy Assembly: Peel the personalized adhesive clear matte label from the sheet, place on side of glass candle holder. Presto!

Minimum order of 24.

Please note, the clear matte labels measure 1.625" x 1.8125". We do not limit the number of characters, but keep in mind the more text you add, the smaller the font size will be.

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