Beach theme favors

Having a wedding or special event on or near the beach? We have a wide selection of nautical ocean beach wedding favors. Many couples enjoy marrying in the summer. Often, a beach or beach theme wedding can be very romantic and enjoyable for both the couple and their guests. The ocean conjures up images of beauty, majesty, tranquility, and mystery. Your ocean themed wedding can take many forms. You can bring the ocean theme to your location no matter where you are by bringing in colors reminiscent of the ocean and objects that will call to mind trips to the sea for all of your guests.

Galvanized pail bucket 4673-FC
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Mark it with memories Starfish design bookmark 8414-DC
As low as $0.52
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Elegant white folding fans 6204-FC
As low as $0.48
100 Fuschia Rose Petals ped144fuschia-cr
On sale $.79
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Sandalwood Fan D6403-ML
As low as $0.59
Starfish place card holder CH342-DC
On sale $0.79
Out of Stock/Discontinued
Elegant placecard frame Beach Theme 4386-ml
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Black Sunglasses 6792-FC
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Ceramic Starfish candle holder 1076-DC
As low as $0.69
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Hot Pink Sunglasses 6782-FC
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Delightful Keychain Beach Theme 4382-ml
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Personalized Beach Buttons 5001-BEACH-BUT
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Beach theme photo frame 6415-FC
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Personalized Beach Mirror 5002-BEACH-MIR
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Shell wedding card holder 5340-FC
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Unique Beach Theme Candle Holder 1208-DC
As low as $1.39
Out of Stock Until: 02/05/2016